The Nexus Award is a part of the AMM's commitment to strengthening the medical publishing industry. By setting a standard and recognizing those who exceed it, the AMM endeavors to inspire others and reinforce the value of journal advertising. To receive the Nexus Award is to be recognized among the elite in service, professionalism, and communication. 

 On Wednesday, May 17th at 5PM the AMM community will gather together at the Liberty House to celebrate the best of the best sales representatives. New this year, we will offer transportation from Philadelphia and New York City. 

Year after year, we hear from attendees how much they enjoy being together at the Nexus Awards Ceremony. The professional relationships strengthened and joy of being together with good people.

The smiles from the 2022 Photography sponsored by Audience Synergy say it all. Make sure you register for the May 17th event.



Pricing (includes cocktails, dinner, and parking):

  • Member $195
  • Non-member $395
  • Individuals attending without corporate support $125

* Cancellation policy


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New for the Nexus Awards in 2023, the AMM is offering transportation to and from the Liberty House in Jersey City. We heard you that the venue is beautiful but presents some travel challenges. With thanks to our transportation sponsors - the American Medical Association and Haymarket Media - we have three different coaches:

  • New York City Grand Central Station - boarding at 2:45pm, departing at 3pm
    Pick up Location- on East 44th Street & Vanderbilt
  • New York City Port Authority - boarding at 3:00pm, departing at 3:15pm
    Pick up location- West 41st Street between 8th & 9th Ave 
  • Philadelphia 30th Street Station - boarding at 2:45pm, departing at 3pm
    Curbside 30th street

All buses will leave at the conclusion of the event at 9pm.

We ask that you fill out this form ONLY if you intend to take advantage of the sponsored transportation to attend Nexus at the Liberty House. We are asking for advance registration so that we can make certain to accommodate the right number of people, as space is limited. Once you fill out this form, we will take care of the rest. If you run into any snags or have any questions, email [email protected].



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Media Channel Partners, for the second year in a row, helped build the list of nominees. They were invited to nominate one sales rep from their company for this prestigious long-standing award. Since 1993, 46 of the best of the best sales reps from across 20+ companies have been bestowed the honor of being a Nexus Award winner. 


  1. Media Channel Partners could submit ONE nominee from their company for media voting, regardless of tenure. Only ONE.
  2. As we started in 2022, we will honor three reps based on their tenure in the field of advertising sales in our industry. 
  3. Your nominee can be from any of the following: 
    • Rising Star: under 5 years of sales experience in the medical space
    • Established Star: 6-15 years of sales experience in the medical space
    • Seasoned Star: 16+ years of sales experience in the medical space
  4. Verbatim / testimonials of the nominee are not required but are encouraged.
  5. Publishers do not need to be members of the AMM to nominate a “best of the best” sales rep. This will change in the future.
  6. As in 2022, all sales reps will be considered including past winners, with the exception of the immediate past 2022 winners. Rising Star: Karysse (Reese) Robinson; Established Star: Matt Baffa; Seasoned Star: Steve Sullivan.
  7. All winners must be present to accept Awards – The Publisher of the winners will be confidentially notified a couple of weeks prior to the May event.
  8. Final submission deadline deadline: Friday, March 24, 2023

Round 2 for MEDIA. The Ballot has been distributed on March 31st!

After the nominees have been verified, a ballot that includes the list of nominees will be sent to the media community. Members of the media community have the opportunity to vote for one person in each of the three categories. There will be a place to write in two sales reps who are not included in the previously noted nominees. 

As has been done in the past, a blind list of the top vote getters in each category will be shared to a panel of judges to select the winners. We implemented this change to the nomination process last year and it was very well received. 

For this part, we will follow the traditional process of distributing a ballot to the media community. Media will vote on the nominees set in Part 1. If a voter does not see their candidate already listed, they will have the opportunity for a write in. The completed ballots will be calculated by the AMM staff and shared as blind data for the judge review and selection of the winners.


See the list of past winners.


Each year, we have the opportunity to recognize the excellence of sales professionals in the medical media space. It is a tremendous group of people who have been honored by this esteemed award. We are excited to grow the list.