John Loughran Viewed Your Profile
Tune into the web series John Loughran Viewed Your Profile. In each episode, John speaks with colleagues about their lives outside of their day-to-day job. This episode's guest is Matthew Baffa, Award Winning Sales Executive, Swoop.

Episode 1: Hank Blaney (Elsevier)
Episode 2: Juliet Lee (SSCG Media)
Episode 3: Karima Sharif (PHM)
Episode 4: Irene Coyne (CMI)
Episode 5: Paulette McCarron (Havas Media)
Episode 6: Eileen Henry (Wolters Kluwer)
Episode 7: Amy Turnquist (eHealthcare Solutions)
Episode 8: Jasmine Asare (SSCG Media Group)
Episode 9: Lisa Healy (BioPharma Media Services)

Episode 10: Andrew McGuireand Chrissy Miller
(NEJM Group)

Episode 11: Sima Sherman (Sherman Medical Marketing Group)

Episode 12: Alyssa Mogavero (Haymarket)

Episode 13: Monique Michowski (Frontline Medical Communications)

Episode 14: Ivette McFarland (SSCG Media Group)

Episode 15: Gina Bennicasa, (PMI)

Episode 16: Carla Edmunds, (CMI Media Group)

Episode 17: Michelle Perkel, (EVERSANA INTOUCH)

Episode 18: Stephanie Kennedy-Harris, (P\S\L Group)


Episode 19: Jon Nelson, Founder, Jon Nelson Advisors LLC

Episode 20: Matt Baffa, Swoop