The 2019 Nexus - An Event No One Will Soon Forget 

The 2019 Nexus Awards was a wonderful celebration of all that is good with medical media. From the HME Humanitarian Awards winners, to the naming of the inaugural Rising Stars, and, let's not forget, our Nexus Winner revelation. Colleagues across generations came together to connect and inspire one another. 

New to Nexus!  

For the 2019 Nexus awards the Association of Medical Media introduced a new recognition, The Rising Stars. The Rising Star recognition serves to applaud team players who have been in the industry for five years or fewer that are up-and-comers. These sales reps demonstrate knowledge of publication and medical media community, strong communication skills, responsiveness to clients, service to clients, and the personal traits that indicate a promising career. Each was recognized with a round of applause during the night's festivities. 

In addition to recognizing the Rising Stars, a standing ovation was held as the AMM recognized the wonderful career of Art Wilschek, receiver of The Sunset Award. This award highlights the dedication Art demonstrated throughout his career, his always present professionalism, and support of his colleagues in the AMM. President Lisa Healy shared stories from Art's peers and employees detailing how instrumental he was in their careers. In addition to this award, Art was named the first Emeritus member of the AMM Board of Directors.

Nexus Winner Revealed...

The AMM is thrilled to announce the winner of the 2019 Nexus Award is... Aaron Wattenberg! 

Aaron Wattenberg is director of eBusiness Development for the Haymarket digital network of sites, specifically, Neurology Advisor, Psychiatry Advisor, Infectious Disease Advisor, and Rheumatology Advisor. Aaron was recognized for his tireless work with agencies and Pharma to develop meaningful, long-lasting, and effective marketing and advertising programs. 



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The Spirit of the HME Humanitarian Awards

HEALTHCARE MARKETER'S EXCHANGE gives voice to the personal stories of the members of the healthcare marketing community. For several years, the HME has published an inspiring and informative annual charity issue that spotlights acts and services performed either by a company or individual in an effort to heal, encourage, empower, and otherwise positively impact a fellow human being or community. In this spirit, the HME will be presenting the 4th Annual HME Company and Individual Humanitarian Award in partnership with the 2019 AMM Nexus event. HME recognizes both an individual and a company who make a positive impact on the welfare of humankind through their contributions, time, actions, and dedication.

The 2019 HME Winners:


Ryan Terry

Forging a path to living well with diabetes.

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Avenir Global

Going Above and Beyond... Making Way for Company-wide Giving.

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