November Education Forum
Thursday, November 21st
(Networking at 9 AM, Program at 9:30 AM)

CFA Society of NY Conference Center - New York City

Just Added - Update From Washington
Jon Bigelow, Executive Director - Coalition for Healthcare Communication


US Data Privacy Legislation Update

No, this will not be another introduction to CCPA! Instead the conversation will focus on state-level actions outside of California as well as an update on the Federal level. OK, we might also say one of two things about California. Buckle up for a bumpy 2020.

You'll leave this talk with an understanding of...

  • Key data privacy developments at the state level
  • Data privacy developments on the federal level
  • Critical success factors for complying with existing California and Nevada data privacy laws

Speaker - David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer - DMD

David Reim has been serving the healthcare industry for 25 years in a variety of roles. David serves at Chief Privacy Officer at DMD, a provider of HCP and consumer digital identity data.


Is Print Dead in Light of Digital Media?

There is no denying that overall print ad revenues and a number of consumer magazines and newspapers continue to decline as digital continues to increase. But the decline in overall print is no longer effective; it just means advertisers have more channels to spend their ad dollars. Each channel plays a particular role in a media plan - different brands depending on their lifecycle have different goals, and therefore print may make more sense on some plans than others.

You'll leave this talk with an understanding of...

  • Why and when to go to print or digital?
  • Digital and print consumption by physicians.
  • The lifecycle of a brand.
  • How to effectively combine print with digital/
  • How should medical media consider their approach to gain new business moving forward?

Speaker - Santos Torres, Senior Director of Marketing - Bausch & Lomb

Torres is an accomplished pharmaceutical executive with more than 20 years of marketing and sales experience across a variety of therapeutic areas including allergy, infectious disease, neurology, ophthalmology, and psychiatry. A leader who utilizes a philosophy to marketing where analytics and return on investment are the core essentials. Industry expert that ensures that a brand's marketing maintains a customer-centric approach. 



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